Norris Ferry Community Church

Vision 2025 Meeting

Vision 2025 Meeting

Saturday, December 08, 2018, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: Norris Ferry Community Church, 10509 Norris Ferry Road, Shreveport, LA US 71106

We believe God is calling us to continue to grow in size, maturity and health in order to have the resources necessary to begin aggressively multiplying our kingdom influence by 2025.  In particular this means that we envision (1) 500 healthy covenant members (2) with a fully matured family ministry strategy that effectively equips parents to disciple their children (3) and a spreading gospel presence in every neighborhood of the Norris Ferry Community so that we can (4) begin sending 10% of our brightest and best resources to multiply by ’25.

Please spend time praying, thinking, and discussing with your Community Group the Multiply ’25 vision.  The three questions below may help you think and pray.  Write down your thoughts and join us on Saturday, December 8th, in the coffee shop at 9:00am to share your input.

1. What is it that NFCC wants to be able to do in 2025?

2. What does “success” look like for NFCC in 2025?

3. What is the “WIN” in 2025?

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