Norris Ferry Kids

Kid’s Ministry Philosophy 

The children's ministry of Norris Ferry exists to equip and support families in fulfilling God's mission and the mission of Norris Ferry to love Christ, Christians, neighbors and nations. We aim to do this by using the following model.



We believe in the value of family worship. There is no better way for children to learn worship than to watch parents experience true, authentic worship. So we encourage families with children of all ages to participate together in Sunday morning worship at 9am or 10:30am.



We believe that the family is the most influential community for a child's spiritual development. By God’s design, children learn first from their parents and then from others. Knowing this, we believe that parents are the primary source of gospel training for their children. Our goal is to come alongside families and provide support and foundational teaching that supplements the truths that are being taught at home.


Core Class

We believe that children should know the gospel. During Kids' Core Class, we expose children to the gospel as seen throughout Scripture, so that the spiritual foundation that they are developing is based on solid biblical truths. On Sunday mornings, these Kids Core Classes are available for children from birth through 5th grade at 9am, and children from birth through 3rd grade at 10:30am.



We believe that in order for our children to become Christian leaders, there are two specific areas we want to further develop - Bible skills and missions.

Bible Skills - During our six-week sessions of Kids SHINE in the fall and in the spring, students from K4 through 5th grade spend time learning and improving Bible skills. It is an action-packed time on Sundays from 4pm to 6pm spent learning books of the Bible and memory verses through a variety of games, songs, and art.

Missions - Children are encouraged to serve alongside their families in the overall missions activities of the church. Additionally, we take time each quarter to teach students from K4 through 5th grade about people and projects that they can join in spreading the gospel. These Kids Missions Meetings coincide with the church's quarterly members' meetings.


Special Events

In addition to our ongoing programs, we also utilize special events throughout the year to facilitate family discipleship and foster Christian community among peers.

  • Preschool Playground Playdates
  • Parent 2 Parent Conferences
  • Camp In The City
  • Student Life for Kids
  • Fall Festival

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Norris Ferry Kids
Sunday Schedule

        Core Class

        Core Class (only through 3rd grade at 10:30)

4pm to 6pm

        Kids SHINE - 6 week spring session & 6 week fall session

        Missions Meetings - occur once quarterly, coinciding with NFCC member's meetings



All children who attend NFCC classes are asked to check-in at one of our children's check-in stations. There, the child is provided a name tag and the parents are provided a coordinating pick-up ticket to ensure proper dismissal after class. If you are a first time guest, one of our friendly volunteers will be happy to help you with this process.

All classroom teachers and workers who serve on our children’s service team have been carefully screened and are committed to the safety and welfare of your child. They are trained to follow our check-in/check-out procedures to ensure your child’s safety.