Norris Ferry Kids

Kid’s Ministry Philosophy 

At Norris Ferry Community Church, we want to partner with parents and families in the discipleship of their children. By God’s design, children learn first from their parents and then from others. Knowing this, we believe that parents are the primary source of gospel training for their children. Our goal is to come alongside families and provide support and foundational teaching that supplements the truths that are being taught at home.

Many times our fast paced culture leads parents to feel like their children need lots of programs and activities. At Norris Ferry Community Church we have found that what children really need is more family time centered around Christ's love.  We have discovered that Christ-honoring, family-focused ministry makes a powerful impact on children which leaves them excited to come to church to be with both their loving biological family and their loving spiritual family.  It is amazing see!


NFCC Kids’ Ministry Schedule

Nursery (Birth – 3 Years old) 
9:00 AM  Nursery Care/Core Class for 2s and 3s
          10:30 AM  Nursery Care/Kid’s Community Class for 2s and 3s
Kids (K4- 5th Grade)
           9:00 AM   Core Classes
         10:30 AM  Kids Worship/Community (4th and 5th Grade students attend adult worship)









Equipping the Younger Saints

Nursery (Birth – 2 years of age)

Babies: Our youngest babies are loved and cared for by nursery workers who are NFCC church members. They serve the babies by singing songs to them and praying for them while they are in the nursery. Our goal is for them to feel safe and loved in our care. We provide nursery care during the 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM worship services.

Toddlers: As soon as the babies begin to walk and become more independent, they are promoted to the toddler class. As a toddler they listen to short Bible stories and sing praise and worship songs with their teacher. We provide toddler care during the 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM worship services.

Preschool (K2-K4)

Core Class 9:00 AM
During Core Class, our younger preschoolers are shown the heart of God through Old Testament stories. A foundation of truth is built as the children learn about God through praying, worshipping, memorizing scripture, and learning simple truths about God.

The oldest preschool class (K4) walks through 52 chronologically arranged New Testament stories. The intent is to acquaint young children with Jesus and to build a foundation of Bible doctrine for them. The children learn about Jesus and how to develop a relationship with him through praying, worshipping, memorizing scripture, and Bible study.

Kids Community 10:30 AM
During Kids’ Community, the young toddlers (K2) are taught four repeating Bible stories along with truth statements about God’s character. The older class (K3) reviews the four stories already learned and then learn nine new stories along with additional truth statements. Both young and older preschoolers are taught monthly memory verses. The oldest preschool class (K4) attend Kid’s Worship with the elementary children and then return to their classroom for Bible study and small group activities.

Elementary (K5 – 5th grades)

Core Class 9:00 AM
During Core Class, the children learn that man is not the key player in history. God is the engineer of all life, and His purposes are fulfilled throughout history. We use developmentally appropriate curriculum at each age level to present God as the main character in each lesson, rather than dwelling on man and man’s needs. Each lesson focuses on the magnificent character of the One who can satisfy all of our longings. Showing children the greatness of God gives them a basis to respond to Him. This time of Bible study with other children is crucial to their healthy spiritual development.  It is the primary means through which we support parents in the discipleship of their children.

Kid’s Community 10:30 AM
During Kid’s Community, the children participate in Kid’s Worship and then return to their classrooms for Bible study and small group discussion where the teachers help the children apply God’s word to their every day lives. This is all designed to help your kids grow in love with Christ, Christians, Neighbors and Nations.  Each week the children bring home activity/discussion sheets to be done with their family to help apply the main point of their lesson.

NFCC Kids Activities

Kid’s SHINE (Serve Him IN Everything) 
Kid’s SHINE is a Sunday evening activity offered for kindergarten - 5th grade students in the Fall and in the Spring. Each session runs for six consecutive weeks (with the exception of holidays). During SHINE the children have a time of recreation, Bible Study, and Kid’s Praise. It is a high-energy, Jesus loving good time!

Camp in the City 
Pine Cove and Norris Ferry Community Church partner together for an amazing summer day camp program in that happens right here at our church! We have all the fun of a traditional summer camp right in your back yard. Games, skits, climbing walls, water slides -- the fun is endless!

Campers not only get to have fun with the awesome activities, but also get to hang out with some of the most fun and exciting college students in the country while learning about Jesus through Bible studies, worship, and time with their counselor! After a week with Pine Cove and Norris Ferry Community Church, your child will be energized for the upcoming year and ready for their own spiritual journey.

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All children who attend NFCC childcare or children’s ministry classes are required to have a completed Important Sheet. You can download the Important Sheet and complete it before you attend NFCC or you can fill one out at the children’s check-in desk when you arrive. We use the information provided on this document to contact you during church if your child needs you and it also identifies those who are authorized to pick your child up when church is over.

All classroom teachers and workers who serve on our children’s service team have been carefully screened and are committed to the safety and welfare of your child. They are trained to follow our check-in/check-out procedures to ensure your child’s safety.