We exist as individuals and as a church for God's glory. It is our mission to glorify God by loving Neighbors and Nations.



Loving Neighbors
We are compelled to share Christ’s love with our neighbors and those with whom we have a relationship. We seek to invest in others and to use any influence we have to help others discover the love of Christ for the glory of God.

Here are a few of the local ministries where our members are involved. 

  • Adoption/Foster Care
  • Allendale friendship house
  • Community Renewal
  • Crisis pregnancy center
  • FCA
  • First priority
  • Grief Share
  • Heart of Hope
  • Hub/Purchased
  • Rescue mission
  • Samaritan counseling
  • Young Life
  • Zion Ridge


We desire to see followers of Jesus established in every city and town. One of the ways that we pursue this is through Gospel-centered multiplication and church planting.

  • NOLA Baptist Church
  • Pigeon Town


Loving Nations
God loves the people of every tongue and tribe and God deserves to be loved and worshiped in every tongue and tribe. Loving the Nations is a natural result of Christ's love reigning in one's life. It is our mission to take the love of Christ to every nation by praying and planting indigenous churches.

Here are a few of the international ministries where our members are involved:

  • South Sudan Mission trip
  • Karkamugee
  • Central America Mission trip (Guatemala)

  • Hope4Guatemala
  • Last Call Ministries
  • Reach Global camps







Neighbors to Nations Church Planting Center

N2N is a ministry of Norris Ferry Community Church, which exists to spread God's glory from neighbors to nations by Selecting, Equipping, Networking and Deploying Biblically faithful church planters in the context of the local church.



Upcoming Trips


November 13, 2019

Orphan Sunday